About-Chairmans Profile

Felix “Xilef” Besanez

(Founder / Chairman)


Xilef is a financial reporting and planning expert, a real estate investment advisor, and a hotel & restaurants feasibility consultant.
Holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Holy Angel University, and attended Ateneo De Manila University School of Law, a charter holder of Licensed International Financial Analyst (IRA-USA), and an Associate Member of Certified Fraud Examiners.
Xilef’s organizational and community involvements take roots from college days. A consistent class president, activist, and scholar, he was a member of 17 organizations including quasi campus & community organizations such as ROTARACT and OCSS that were heavily involved in relief operations and outreach drives during Pinatubo and Lahar calamities. He was also a literary activist, a long-time writer and was Editor in Chief of their college publication, and a multi-awarded person for literary pieces including essays, poems, song compositions, and stage plays. He later on founded SICAP (Student’s Integrated Campus Alliance for Progress) that catapulted him to highest student leader position as Council Chairman. He graduated with distinctive honors and a recipient of Presidential Awardee for Outstanding Achievement. After college, in his short stint as OFW in KSA, aside from his work, Xilef was appointed to head a Social Committee of a Company to address the welfare and recreational needs of expatriate employees, until moving to Kuwait where he again got involved in founding a regional group in 2003, appointed as a President of another group in 2011, until having founded RSK in 2014.
Xilef’s passion in leading a sports group stems from his being an intrinsic sports lover such as motor biking, target shooting, and a die-hard basketball buff playing point guard in his earlier years and known for his steals and one-handed lay-ups but quit after a series of leg and knee injuries and then contented to basketball coaching. Originally considered badminton as sports only for ladies, this impression totally changed after trying the sport and got hooked to it as obvious until this time being the founding Chairman of Republika ng Sports sa Kuwait.